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Move beyond traditional fundraisers to customized, handcrafted bracelets that embody a deeper story and meaning for your students

Schools Improving Lives

Today's students are global citizens looking to build meaningful worldwide connections.  Atlas Handmade Beads helps to empower students to make those connections between student and global artisan to create a meaningful, impactful fundraiser.  


Fill out the contact form below.  Atlas Handmade Beads will customize the perfect fundraiser for your school.


Atlas sends your initial set of beads for students to showcase as they take orders. 


Students submit their final order.  The beads begin their journey from artisan to school. 


Students are empowered to create a positive impact in the world while supporting your school.  

Fundraiser Testimonials 

"When looking for fundraisers it's important to me to sell something that people actually want, and/or need. I selected Atlas Handmade Beads because of the high quality and the eco-friendly nature of the product. The students loved selling the school color and Mardi Gras bracelets. People were excited by the product and it was an easy sell. It was a very successful fundraiser for us and is something we look forward to selling again."

Kristi Jacobs
Mount Carmel Academy

"An Atlas Beads fundraiser offers students an opportunity to understand the impact of individual purchases on the global community. By selling fair-trade bracelets and necklaces, students are encouraging others to purchase with a purpose."

Anthony Burrell
New Harmony High

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